Why Choose Our Guaranteed Rent Program;

With our Guaranteed Rent program, it is an obvious reason to choose us as your rent is paid on time and guaranteed for the duration of the contract which you may choose.  We are fully flexible and have tailor made contract according to each client’s needs individually. We understand that different landlords of different scales have different requirements hence why to cater for all we have the ability to tailor make contracts so that it suits your needs in the best possible way. You will not find yourself in the situation where you have non-paying tenant which you evict via court after a long procedure which eats up most of the landlord’s funds and energy. On the private market you may find a tenant who will pay slightly higher rent however taking into consideration the agency tenant fees, annual management fee, rent void risks and high refurbishment costs, this may equate to a far lower rent than the rent you will get from London & Co UK Ltd under the Guaranteed rent program.

Our Vast and quickly expanding clients’ database enables us to be able to take on properties in any part of the Country and provide the landlords with the Guarantee of no hassle of management of their property while earning high rental yield. Our vast database of clients includes but not limited to Central Government, Local Authorities & Home Office.