Guaranteed Rent

How our Guaranteed Rent Program Works;

  • RENT STARTS THE SAMEDAY: We will start your rent on the day we view your property (Subject to your Property being fully compliant and safe for occupation). We would require the property to meet all legal Health & Safety standards. We can take up both furnished and unfurnished properties however the rental income of furnished properties is more than unfurnished property. If your property is not compliant and unfurnished and you want to earn a high rental income from your property, you still do not need to worry as our inhouse team is fully equipped with arranging all the works and issuing compliance certificates to make your property fully compliant in all aspects such as building regulations, fire safety regulations and health & Safety standards. As well as the compliance we can also source furniture and appliances to furnish your property at a far less costs from the whole sale suppliers in order to achieve you a high rental income on a minimal cost.
  • No Rent Void Period: During the lease/ contract term your property may become vacant/ unoccupied, where we will then get it fully cleaned and ready for our next client. You will not face any void rental period while your property is empty & we will carry out all the necessary refurb or maintenance of your property at our costs.
  • Flexible Contract Terms from 0 – 10 Years: The term of the lease you choose will wholly depend on your circumstances, suitability, needs and your long-term plans for your property. We will listen to your requirements and will give you our expert’s opinion and extensive guidance which will greatly help you deciding your term of contract.
  • Corporate Clients: We have a vast database of Corporate clients hence the occupiers who will occupy your property mostly will be working professional of an organisation and Central Government, Local Authorities & Home Office placements fully managed and catered for by our professional team and you will not have any hassle of managing your property and occupiers while earning a high rental income.
  • No Hassle: We efficiently work smart to be able to provide hassle free services to our landlords. We also protect our landlords against any unexpected costs, and we ensure that our landlords’ best interest always comes first. We also ensure that your property is well managed, and inspections are carried out on weekly and monthly basis. We take care of the people occupying your property and the occupiers will never contact you for any issues with the property hence once again giving full peace of mind to our landlords while earning high rental yield.